The Endless Exam-Reward Cycle

Penulis : Ustadz Nur Fajri Romadhon Lc, Hafizhahullah

Whoever survives and shows his consistency upon Allah’s guidance even in difficult times, would be granted many benefits in this life even before the Hereafter according to several verses.

This pious one will carry off ease in matters, way out of problems and unexpected provision.

For instance, Allah said, “Ask forgiveness of your Lord. Indeed, He is truly Most Forgiver.
He will send (rain from) the sky upon you in (continuing) showers.
And give you increase in wealth and children and provide for you gardens and provide for you rivers.”
[Noah: 10-12]

In meantime, such merits could be sophisticated smartphones, luxury cars, wealth, beauty and other honourable achievements.

But, indeed these rewards later on become other new examinations in different face. And this kind of exam in fact is more effortful than the bitter and painful ones like sickness, poverty or lack of success.

Thus, the cycle is as below:
Exam – Consistency – Reward (next exam) – Consistency – Reward (more difficult exam) – …

or as following:
Exam – Failure – Reward (easier exam) – Consistency – Reward (more difficult exam) – …

This exam-reward cycle will endlessly continue as tests of our lifelong obedience.

Allah said:
“If they remain straight on the way, We would give them abundant provision, as a test for them.”

May Allah be with us at every step we take and help us when life gets rough

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